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Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018

The Sustainable Fashion Awards is open to designers and brands from every country, being either emerging talents or professionals, who are leading the way to a sustainable future, and have at least one completed project on this matter. The enrolled project can range from one garment to a full collection, and must fit into at least one of these socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly actions described below.

Eligible Sustainable Features
Handmade pieces;
Local manufacturing;
Develop fair trade;
Smart design;
Slow fashion;
Zero fabric waste;
Animal welfare;
Use of recycled, upcycled or organic materials;
Consider the full lifecycle of a product.

If you strongly believe that your brand is making fashionable products as well as carrying a responsible attitude when it comes to the environment and the people in it,
please subscribe! Don’t miss your chance of winning $3.000 dollars and still donating the same amount to a NGO partner of this movement.

For more information about the Sustainable Fashion Award 2018, check out the Terms & Conditions or FAQ at